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Bamboo Casket – Lumeah


The Lumeah combines stunning design with sustainable materials for a casket unlike anything else available.


Lumeah – an aboriginal word meaning here I rest

The Lumeah is defined by the curved, routed patterns which form its walls and its unusual curved shape. In addition, the beautiful design is complemented by the use of laced cording to securely close the casket.

This 100% bamboo casket has been designed as an alternative to the more traditional caskets currently available. The less formal shape, materials and decoration would appeal to the free spirited, those close to nature.

The Lumeah is sustainable and fully degradable because of it’s solid bamboo construction, bamboo velour lining and braided cord closure.  There are no metal components, also plastic used in the inner lining is biodegradable and the lacing is organic cotton or hemp cord.