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Bamboo Casket – Kooyong


The conservative design of the Kooyong gives the sense of being cradled, of being secure.


Kooyong– an aboriginal word meaning resting place

Laminated bamboo forms a gentle shape, resulting in the curved lines that define the Kooyong. The designer has created a casket with a comforting shape that will cradle your loved one.

Solid bamboo construction, bamboo velour lining, and closures of braided cord ensure the Kooyong is sustainable and fully degradable. In addition there are no metal handles, nails or staples. Water based glue is used in construction rather than  metal components. Organic hemp or cotton is used for the handles and biodegradable plastic for the inner lining. Consequently, all the components of the casket are fully biodegradable.

Kooyong would appeal to those preferring a more traditional design while still considering the impact of burial on the environment.