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Bamboo Casket – Parinda


Personalise Parinda with a design from themes of nature, spirituality, sporting teams, love, harmony, overall patterns or solid colour.


Parinda – an aboriginal word for sleep

This is our entry level casket but the use of striking artwork will ensure it is by no means ordinary!
Parinda has a traditional box shape and uses printing techniques to create a design reflective of  your loved one.

Solid bamboo construction, bamboo velour lining, and closures of braided cord ensure the Parinda is sustainable and fully degradable. There are no metal components, also plastic used in the inner lining is biodegradable.

There are a wide range of designs to choose from, to reflect a life lived or to recall a memorable personality. Designs are available in a range of themes from nature, spirituality, love, harmony to sporting teams, overall patterns or solid colour. You are welcome to discuss with us whether an image of your choice is suitable to print on the casket.

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Please ensure you have the right to use images for customised caskets or have obtained any neccessary copyright permission.