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Designer and founder of LETObamboo, Anne Astorino, is now taking on a new venture – Ethical DreamtimeEthical Dreamtime provides an alternative option to traditional casket construction methods and materials.

When considering how polluting elements interact with our Earth, Anne carried out extensive research into materials and designs, before producing her truly inspirational alternatives.

“I wanted to communicate a feeling of softness with gentle design lines, of lightness, of security, of being cradled, of being loved.” says Anne.

All our caskets are made from bamboo grass, and the linings are non-toxic and bio-degradable. The finish of the bamboo means that unique designs can be printed onto the bamboo, or that you and your family can choose to write farewell messages on the outside of the casket. The handles, which are made from braided cord, are also fully bio-degradable, as well as the plastic lining inside the casket.

Death is a taboo subject, though it is something we will all unfortunately experience at some point throughout our lifetime. Ethical Dreamtime wants to make sure that during this difficult time, your decisions are as stress free as possible.

By choosing Ethical Dreamtime, not only are you making sure your loved one is laid to rest in a beautiful, personalised casket, but you are also making an environmentally conscious decision.

We do hope you find the casket that perfectly aligns with your loved ones individuality among the fresh interpretations offered by Ethical Dreamtime.

Business As Usual Caskets

Solvent/spirit based polyurethane finish

Outer shell constructed from MDF

Plastic inner lining

Polyester/poly cotton fabric lining

Injection moulded solid plastic srews for closures

Plastic handles and adornments painted metallic

Ethical Dreamtime Caskets


Outer shell constructed from non toxic, biodegradable bamboo

Compostable, biodegradeable plastic inner lining

Bamboo, hemp or cotton fabric lining

Braided cotton or hemp cord closures

Braided cotton or hemp cord handles

* Please Note: Some cardboard coffins/caskets are plastic or vinyl wrapped. Encasing the cardboard negates any positive environmental factors.